20 Awesome Explainer Video Examples (2020)

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We have talked a lot about what makes for a good explainer video and which companies are doing it best. But if you are saying, “Save the lecture, whoever is writing this curiously detailed explainer video blog in a dark and deadly pandemic situation.  Show us the best!” If you were looking for a definitive list of our absolute favorite explainer video examples from 2020, here it is. 

This has been a great year for explainer videos! A lot of videos have broken all the rules of explainer videos and gone above and beyond to stand out! So we have 20 awesome explainer video examples in 2020 for you to watch. 


  1. Slack

With clear and beautiful animation, slack has managed to deliver their whole pitch without any words!


  1. Dissolve

This is in my opinion the best explainer video example of effective humor in explainer videos. The video is a parody of all company ads videos instantly drawing everyone’s attention.


  1. Dollar Shave Club

This also is a brilliant explainer video example of saying many things in a fun silly and relatable way.


  1. Chipotle

This video has adopted some beautiful claymation to deliver the message of chipotle in an emotionally connecting way.


  1. Panorama 9

This video is nostalgic, funny, and perfectly fitting.


  1. Crazy Egg:

Crazy egg video has some incredible graphics paired with quirky and fun characters.


  1. Unroll Me:

The Unroll me video combines live-action footage with smooth animation.


  1. Spotify:

Spotify has made a fast and effective video to communicate directly to their target audience.


  1. Mint.com

This Mint.com video adopts a curiously innovative graphic and animation style.


  1. Safe Drive

This video shows a great way of infusing 3D animation in explainer videos.


  1. AT & T:

At & T has made the stunning explainer video with really captivating frames. This is an Amazing explainer video example!


  1. Microsoft:

Although Microsoft is known to all, this video communicates just what they want in a simple yet effective way.


  1. Flight Safety:

This video is just a treat to the eyes from start to finish.


  1. Prescribewellness:

The dynamic animation and innovative transitions in this video make it stand out.


  1. Nest:

The Nest video does a great job of combining real-life images with 2D Animation effortlessly.


  1. Wine Country Gift Baskets:

This is great way to invoke a warm and cozy feeling by putting slow charming animations over some testimonials.


  1. Paypal:

Paypal has reached out to exactly who they want with this silly quirky song.


  1. Tesco Premium Credit Card:

This is also an exceptional looking 3D explainer video example.


  1. Tech Insider:

In this explainer video example, tech inside has done a great job especially with the script of engaging the audience’s curiosity till the very end.


Also, check these great tips to make an explainer video!

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By Media Lab
28 May 2021

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