4 Ways To Help Others On Social Media!

4 ways to help others on Social Media


Are you somebody trying to bring around a positive change? You must have tried millions of ways to help communities across the world. You have probably tried every means of communication to let people know about your efforts. Media, promotions, brand ambassadors could be some of your ways of communication. 

The Internet is providing a plethora of platforms for people to connect with each other. There are so many benefits, and opportunities for people to empower themselves in ways we never thought possible.

Social media is a place where people could be easily influenced to do good or bad, it goes both ways! But we are trying to harness the power of social media for good. So, come with us on this journey, and know the most effective simple ways to help others on social media.


1.Share resources: Link relevant resources to people who might be struggling.


Social media is a pool of resources. But one must know where to find what they are looking for. We all know these resources are unlimited and it is a plethora! Sharing community resources like, free health fairs, volunteering opportunities, helping people with certain disadvantages, spreading word regarding scholarships, free courses for college students, local scholarships, donations, food camps, and so many more. Knowing that all these resources exist and letting the right people in need know about them is so important.

When we share resources on social media which are under-publicized, it gives hope to those with the source of these resources. Because at the end of the day, it’s going to help the needy, and to those who are struggling. And social media platforms are available with everyone nowadays. So, it is very easy to reach out to these resources. 

Next time you come across something important, do not hesitate to share it on your social media because you might be knowingly or unknowingly helping someone in need.

(making sure that it is relevant, trustworthy and authentic)


2.Connect: Don’t use social media to show off, rather connect with others.


How many of us know the people living in our vicinity? Some of us have close connections with a few families, or neighbors. But so many of us are very busy in our mundane lives, that we do not even know who is living next doors! At times, we get so busy that we do not care to come out of our virtual world to sneak around the reality. We are so busy showing off our lives on social media that we forget to connect with people with authenticity. We forget to connect with people based on our core values and needs.

Social media is making the drum rolls by connecting people from the same places. Many of us find ourselves in virtual private communities, small groups based on our locations. These small communities are very useful to find common places like grocery stores, crowdsourcing, sales, events, gatherings and so many other things.

These communities help each other on so many different levels. You unknowingly get connected to people and you do not have to worry about things, resources are easily available.


3.Inspire good deeds: If you wish to see a change then lead with an example on social media.


Sometimes, the times are tough. We see people doing good deeds out of will to help others. They go over and beyond and help the communities in need. These people don’t wait for the change to happen. They take the actions, they lead, and they succeed. 

The world has become techno savvy. Social media has made helping people quite easy. You can just create a community group, accounts, and pages and start working with like minded people. Do not wait but start the very next moment! You feel like planting trees on the barren land, go ahead! Do you want to donate your hair to people struggling with cancer? Do it, be the first person in your community, in your neighborhood, amongst your friends. Seeing you do the things that would bring about a difference, will ultimately inspire people to follow you, to do good.

Publicize these small stories, acts of kindness amongst your community, on social media. You will see people getting inspired to do something good too. Sometimes, few people just need that reminder, a slight nudge to get up and start doing something.


4.Like it! If someone is posting content on social media, like their effort.


There is so much information shared every moment on social media. Type something you are looking for and you will come across so many resources. But do you know what we forget to do? We forget to appreciate that person’s efforts. 

People around us share content on social media. We just look at it and scroll through. But one like, one comment or a good, helpful critique would be a good gesture of appreciation towards that person. So, ‘like’ it! Like their effort, share it if it is useful for someone. Link them, connect these people with each other. Your source will be a great resource to someone who is struggling.

That one ‘like’ can boost confidence and make wonders. The world is already a tough place to be at times. So, try to be as helpful as possible!

By Media Lab
28 June 2021

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