7 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Enough statistics prove that killer explainer videos are a great marketing tool for your business. There are all kinds of explainer videos already out there explaining all sorts of different topics and products. The only explainer video missing is an explainer video explaining how to make an explainer video. But I’m sure that’s out there too.

With so much competition in this field, if you are looking for getting an explainer video done for your business, it will help to find out some tips that can set your company’s video apart. 


  1. Defining your brand:

With a video on every website of every brand that you come across, it’s not easy to make a video that will stay with your audience. Just yesterday, I remember seeing a 3 minute animated explainer video about the digestive system of frogs. I’m pretty sure that animator would have ended up hating frogs by the end of it. The point is the videos that follow a consistent style to define their brand, stick with you the most. 

In this killer explainer video, the colors used and the elements present scream Adobe throughout. Hence, when you watch it, you would want to buy such a product only from Adobe. 


  1. Deciding On The Right Script:

A lot of explainer videos fail to communicate, no matter how appealing they look, if they do not present key information about the product or service that they are trying to market. To make your company’s explainer video effective it’s important to introduce your product/service clearly and simply and explain how it works and how you can get it. Most explainers follow a simple 3 phase script. 

– Addressing a problem

– Presenting a solution

– Showing how it works

– Giving a call to action


  1. Setting The Perfect Tone:

Many examples have shown that no matter who it is catered to – businesses CEOs, marketing head or consumers, making it entertaining video always works. Humor might not be the best in all videos of course but have a set tone, and keeping it light always helps! If your video is about a basic day to day need, relate to everyone who has that need and keeps it engaging for them.


  1. Keep It Short!

As I have mentioned earlier, 5 minutes is said to be the internet ‘firewall’. Anything above that and the average user gets distracted. The internet is vastly shifting to short-form content. Most explainer videos span an average of 1 and a half minutes. 


  1. Simpler The Better:

It always helps to get an outsider to script your company’s explainer video. Someone who can explain exactly what you do so that the general masses can understand it in less than a minute. It’s also not the best advice to overwhelm the audience with detailed and cluttered visuals that might distract them from the actual message of the video.


  1. Show Don’t Tell:

No matter what kind of an advertisement it is, Viewers go in with a tendency to doubt. Which they should because they will be the ones buying the product or service. Instead of going on about how you provide all these amazing features, show them visually exactly how it all functions. There is a reason you are investing in a video and not just a radio ad. Instead of talking about how it has satisfied customers, maybe insert clips of the customers giving testimonials.


  1. Market It Well:

Just having a great video won’t do the trick. Other than finding a great platform to upload your video to like Vimeo or Youtube, you should also invest in getting that video across to a larger audience. This of course goes hand in hand with fitting it on to your website in a seamless way.


There you have it! 7 Tips to make your explainer video stand out.

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By Media Lab
28 May 2021

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