8 Explainer Videos That Caused A Big Bang Of Sales

There seems to be no one clear answer to the question ‘what drives sales?’. A lot of Multinational immensely successful companies today started puzzling over the same question. It seemed that a lot of them cracked the code with the help of a simple video that explained their product well. 

Most people don’t come on the internet to read and do extensive research. The fact that you are reading this itself, surprises us. Most people come online to “watch”. They are hooked by quick content and clear pleasing visuals. These 8 companies figured this out in an incredible way:

  1. Dropbox Explainer Video:

After being fed up with their previous strategy ‘paid search’, Dropbox created a 2-minute whiteboard explainer which led them to gain 10 million additional customers! That’s a huge number to consider in proportion to a small 2 minute video!

  1. Twitter:


When twitter was launched 14 years back, many were quick to write it off. After releasing an explainer video campaign they captured a much wider market. That’s exactly the power of explainer video.

  1. Jellyfish Explainer Video:

Jellyfish was getting a lot of cold calls and clients were not coming back to them. They used this video and closed an 800,000 dollar deal in just 7 days! It is hard to believe in those numbers within the span of 7 seven days and the count of zeros is massive, but yes, its true!

  1. Slack Explainer Video:

Slack did their own unique explainer that boosted their sales and delivered their message in a time-efficient way. Had it not been the explainer video to do the work, we would not be knowing slack having a unique approach in message delivery.

  1. Crazy Egg:

The visually stunning and quirky Crazy Egg Explainer Video Raised 64% Conversion & $21,000 Extra Revenue Per Month. That again is a huge amount to earn per month. I hope now you can see the magic of a small explainer video that can actually make miracles happen!

  1. CaseComplete:

Case complete is a requirements management tool. With this explainer the company increased its conversion by 23 percent! That did not happen out of the blue. It is very important that we place a video and it’s content in a proper way to tap in the right audience. Otherwise, only making a video does not help in long term.

  1. Spotify:

With this unique video, Spotify not only made an impact on their sales but also carved a new niche in explainer videos. Spotify changed the game of videos for the good. They came up with a strong and creative foot to bring the necessary change.

  1. Autocad WS:

A company for a CAD app launched a funny explainer  that got 1 million views and drove 10 million downloads and media exposure! There you see the power of a small video, it is just the right amount of humor that caught the eye of the audience. Resulted in a massive amount of downloads for the application. At the end of the day, it is all about the presentation!


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By Media Lab
28 May 2021

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