About SND Media

SND Media is a creative marketing agency established in 2017. When we started on our journey, we saw that there were some amazing companies out in the market who were struggling to tell their story to the masses. At the core of this problem was that they neither had the experience or the expertise to creating engaging content or the know how to reach out to potential customers through new-age tools like social media. We realized that our knowledge and expertise helped clients scale faster and meet their dream sales targets, build their brand, lower acquisition costs and engage audiences.


Animated Videos

80 million


100 million

Content Views

1.2 million

Followers Gained

What we do is simple. We help connect businesses and customers through engaging content. Our goal is to tell a brand’s story and bring it to potential customers across the digital landscape. At the heart of this is our passionate and skilled team who help strategize, write content, create stunning graphics, illustrate and storyboard for video, produce award winning 2D video animations, design beautiful websites, run branding exercises, frontline campaigns, create advertising strategy, gather customer insights, generate leads, drive sales and a lot more. We produce content that goes viral on social media, explainer videos that help consumers take action, educational videos that explain how to use a product, service or app, interactive videos, live-action and so much more.

Right from designing a logo to identifying who will buy your product, we get your product out there in the
market in front of millions of eyeballs. Our journey began on Social Media as a Facebook page called Spooksandooks where we gained popularity for our storytelling and gripping visuals. We were soon reaching millions of people across the world and with it, brands began trusting us with solving their content marketing problems.
We work with companies who know their buyers, we work with companies to identify their buyers. We create
strong funnels of audience data at every stage, use analytics to drive results. We have used our expertise in content marketing to help businesses communicate effectively with the audience online. We have since grown into a passionate and creative team who love producing challenging content for enthusiastic businesses.

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