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6 Top Explainer Video Examples and Tips to Make Your Own

According to research done by Wyzowl, 96 percent of respondents said they’ve watched an explainer video to learn about a company’s offerings. That is just one statistic to interest all the people that are all about the numbers. To them, I would also like to say “45!”

It’s pretty clear according to those statistics that a huge chunk of people come to know about your company after watching your explainer video. With that in mind, It might help to know about exactly how these videos are made and if you already make them, some tips to make it great! Before we jump into that, it would be helpful to show this with some classic examples.

Here are 6 top explainer videos and tips to make your own!

1. Slack

I keep bringing up this video because it manages to say so much to simply and elegantly. Animation videos usually have a voice-over. This one somehow communicates with just visuals. There is an illustrator who makes these visuals as assets and an animator who makes them move!

The best tip to learn here would be how the transitions from one scene to another aren’t done by a simple cut or a fadeaway. It’s all one long scene with the camera taking you panoramically through the whole video.

2. Dissolve

This, in my opinion, is one of the funniest and effective explainers out there that finds a creative way to use the brand and their product as a tool for its video. Other than the fact that it is extremely funny, it shows the product and exactly how it used in the simplest possible way while telling a story.

3. Crazy Egg

Through this innovative and fun video, Crazy Egg makes use of a quirky and likable character to showcase their services. The voiceover establishes the right tone. The tip here would be to make a fun and simple way of showing your viewers complex information.

However, I am sure the character selection would have been rather simple. I’m sure there would have been no one saying “The name of the company is a crazy egg. How about we have an emotionally stable tomato as a mascot?”

4. Chipotle

Recently, Chipotle came out with this claymation style animated video that sells the brand with an emotionally powerful message.

This one showcases a major point – ‘Don’t just animate, tell a story!’

5. Dollar Shave Club

This is another great example to learn how to sell the message without being overly dramatic or pushy. Not all videos used for marketing have to be flashy and performative. The more honest you are about things, the more it will relate to an audience.

6. is a purely commercial website. So it may not have been the best option to have a quirky or visually cluttered video. Instead, they went with a very minimal yet clear look and smooth animations and it works perfectly!

The tip here would be to stick to the brand and use only the elements that you really need!

9 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Enough statistics prove that explainer videos are a great marketing tool for your business. There are all kinds of explainer videos already out there explaining all sorts of different topics and products. The only explainer video missing is an explainer video explaining how to make an explainer video. But I’m sure that’s out there too.

With so much competition in this field, if you are looking for getting an explainer video done for your business, it will help to find out some tips that can set your company’s video apart.

1. Defining your brand:

With a video on every website of every brand that you come across, it’s not easy to make a video that will stay with your audience. Just yesterday, i remember seeing a 3 minute animated explainer about the digestive system of frogs. I’m pretty sure that animator would have ended up hating frogs by the end of it. The point is the videos that follow a consistent style to define their brand, stick with you the most.

In this video, the colors used and the elements present scream Adobe throughout. Hence, when you watch it, you would want to buy such a product only from Adobe.

2. Deciding On The Right Script:

A lot of explainer videos fail to communicate, no matter how appealing they look, if they do not present key information about the product or service that they are trying to market. To make your company’s explainer video effective it’s important to introduce your product/service clearly and simply and explain how it works and how you can get it. Most explainers follow a simple 3 phase script.

– Addressing a problem

– Presenting a solution

– Showing how it works

– Giving a call to action

3. Setting The Perfect Tone:

Many examples have shown that no matter who it is catered to – businesses CEOs, marketing hed or consumers, making it entertaining video always works. Humor might not be the best in all videos of course but have a set tone, and keeping it light always helps! If your video is about a basic day to day need, relate to everyone who has that need and keeps it engaging for them.

4. Keep It Short!

As I have mentioned earlier, 5 minutes is said to be the internet ‘firewall’. Anything above that and the average user gets distracted. The internet is vastly shifting to short-form content. Most explainer videos span an average of 1 and a half minutes.

5. Simpler The Better:

It always helps to get an outsider to script your company’s explainer video. Someone who can explainer exactly what you do so that the general masses can understand it in less than a minute. It’s also not the best advice to overwhelm the audience with detailed and cluttered visuals that might distract them from the actual message of the video.

6. Show Don’t Tell:

No matter what kind of an advertisement it is, Viewers go in with a tendency to doubt. Which they should because they will be the ones buying the product or service. Instead of going on about how you provide all these amazing features, show them visually exactly how it all functions. There is a reason you are investing in a video and not just a radio ad. Instead of talking about how it has satisfied customers, maybe insert clips of the customers giving testimonials.

7. Market It Well:

Just having a great video won’t do the trick. Other than finding a great platform to upload your video to like Vimeo or Youtube, you should also invest in getting that video across to a larger audience. This of course goes hand in hand with fitting it on to your website in a seamless way.

There you have it! 9 Tips to make your explainer video stand out.

20 Awesome Explainer Video Examples (2020)

We have talked a lot about what makes for a good explainer video and which companies are doing it best. But if you are saying, “Save the lecture, whoever is writing this curiously detailed explainer video blog in a dark and deadly pandemic situation.  Show us the best!” If you were looking for a definitive list of our absolute favorite explainers from 2020, here it is.

This has been a great year for explainer videos! A lot of videos have broken all the rules of explainer videos and gone above and beyond to stand out! So we have 20 awesome explainer videos in 2020 for you to watch.

1. Slack

With clear and beautiful animation, slack has managed to deliver their whole pitch without any words!

2. Dissolve

This is in my opinion the best example of effective humor in explainer videos. The video is a parody of all company ads videos instantly drawing everyone’s attention.

3. Dollar Shave Club

This also a brilliant example of saying many things in a fun silly and relatable way.

4. Chipotle

This video has adopted some beautiful claymation to deliver the message of chipotle in an emotionally connecting way.

5. Panorama 9

This video is nostalgic, funny, and perfectly fitting.

6.  Crazy Egg:

Crazy egg video has some incredible graphics paired with quirky and fun characters.

7.  Unroll Me:

The Unroll me video combines live-action footage with smooth animation.

8. Spotify:

Spotify has made a fast and effective video to communicate directly to their target audience.


This video adopts a curiously innovative graphic and animation style.

10. Safe Drive

This video shows a great way of infusing 3D animation in explainer videos.

11. AT & T:

At & T has made the stunning video with really captivating frames.

12. Microsoft

Although Microsoft is known to all, this video communicates just what they want in a simple yet effective way.

13. Flight Safety

This video is just a treat to the eyes from start to finish.

14. Prescribe wellness

The dynamic animation and innovative transitions in this video make it stand out.

15. Nest

The Nest video does a great job of combining real-life images with 2D Animation effortlessly.

16. Wine Country Gift Baskets

This is great way to invoke a warm and cozy feeling by putting slow charming animations over some testimonials.

17. Paypal

Paypal has reached out to exactly who they want with this silly quirky song.

18. Tesco Premium Credit Card

This is also an exceptional looking 3D explainer video.

19. Tech Insider

In this explainer video, tech inside has done a great job especially with the script of engaging the audience’s curiosity till the very end.

The Best Explainer Videos Have These 8 Things In Common

There’s no one secret formula to an incredible explainer video. A lot of people have experimented with the format and come up with groundbreaking techniques. Yet, there are some things that you can easily spot in common most captivating explainers. Like the fact that they are all playing inside your screen. Most of them have more than one word in the voice over. They all have a play button somewhere in the beginning. I’m kidding, of course.

If you want to make a compelling explainer video, here are a few aspects that seemed to fit in all the best videos made recently.

A Clear And Concise Script:

Nobody wants to hear a lecture no matter how visually engaging it is. The internet is speedily growing towards short-form content. ‘Five minutes or less’ is said to be the ‘internet firewall’. Whatever the video is about it’s best to keep it to the point without compromising on clarity. Simpler the idea sounds the more ears it will get.

Having a visual identity:

With so many advertisements and explainer videos already out there, you need your video to stand out and make an impression. Define your video’s personality. Fix the tone in which you are trying to communicate and make sure most things follow that pattern. If your video is scribbly and silly with a buttoned-up corporate sounding voice over, it may not work. Think of your video as a person conveying your message to the audience. They will only believe him if he has a consistent style. If he is wearing a bow tie on a clown outfit, they will have more questions before they would want to know about what he’s selling.

Captivating Story:

We want everything to have a beginning, middle, and end. We keep watching something because we want to find out what happens next. Telling a story is the best way of keeping viewers from getting distracted. It doesn’t have to be complicated fable. Just simply stating a problem, offering a solution and ways to find that solution in a clear and fun way is more than enough!

Intuitive Graphic Design:

Most concepts are hard to explain. Even with a well-written script, there is a lot of complex terminology and ideas that might draw the viewer’s attention away. The whole point of videos is to take the burden of explaining these ideas away from just the written word but giving visual cues that gell well with the script. Quick readable text, attractive diagrams as well as clear movement can make the video hit the right market.

Continuous Movement:

A lot of the explainer videos nowadays make sure that there is always something moving on the screen. Even in the pauses. Sometimes the pieces or characters are moving and sometimes the background. Most videos also play with consistent and dynamic camera movement instead of the simple cuts and fadeaways.

Offering A Simple Call To Action:

You can have an amazing video with a compelling story and great visuals. But if the viewer at the end of the video is still confused as to how to acquire your product or services, it’s a wasted attempt. Effective videos have a quick and easy call to action highlighted usually at the end of the video.

Emotional Connect:

This is very hard to achieve. The videos that get millions of views and drive the most result strike an emotional chord with its audience. It can be through humor, through compelling storytelling or just through beautiful frames. Making sure that the video feels original and thoughtful is what can be the gateway to getting you results.

Knowing Your Audience:

A lot of explainer videos try to relate to everyone and hence end up relating with no one. It’s very important to know who your target audience is and catering the video to their liking. If you are making a video for mothers between 40-50 years, dark and flashy colors or loud background music will not only disconnect them but it will also remind them of their rebellious teenage son’s favorite rock band. Not a good way to convert them into leads.

These are 8 things that are common in the best explainer videos!

Tips for Creating a Hilarious Explainer Video

Who doesn’t love humor? Although the definition of what is funny and what is not can vary from person to person, I think we can all agree that humor is mutually loved throughout the world and the tumor, in fact, is mutually hated throughout the world. Get it? Because it sounds like humor. See, I told you that the definition of what is funny can vary.

Most social media trends originate from a joke. Most videos that go viral have a sense of hilarity to it. So if you would want to market your product with an explainer video, why not make it light-hearted and capture the viewer’s attention?

With that said, of course, Not all explainer videos are meant to be funny. If jokes are forced in there it could have the opposite effect. To seamlessly infuse humor into your video, you would need to do it skillfully. Here are a few tips!

Be as honest as possible:

Jokes always tend to work when the viewer is already on your side. Of course, you have to sell your product. But if something is the reality of things, address it! If your explainer video is about the technology behind ticketing machines, maybe address how most people are not aware that there is one.

Use metaphors:

It can be hard to explain anything. It always helps if you give the audience a comparison to something that they already know about. This helps in understanding the script but also gives you the opportunity the exaggerate and make for hilarious scenarios.

Look at this video for example!

Make relatable visuals:

If your target audience is college students and you go with a corporate and clean style it will be very hard to get them into becoming leads. Use visuals that are simple, fun, and have an element of quirkiness to them. The joke doesn’t always have to be in your face. It can be in the look of the scene. Hiding in the background like a teenager at a family function. Okay, not these metaphors, better ones.

Make weird and funny characters:

A silly character explaining a large concept always works! That is basically the idea behind puppet shows. Take a look at this video to see how a fitting yet quirky character lifts the whole video.


It’s always funny to exaggerate anything but make sure you exaggerate on the right points. If you hit the right spot of your audience’s troubles and problems, you can knock it out of the park by exaggerating. If you are selling hand gloves for the winter, sympathize with how irritating cold hands can be!


These are of course just a few tips. Being funny is very subjective but it’s not very hard to do just to engage your audience’s attention!

8 Explainer Videos That Caused A Big Bang Of Sales

There seems to be no one clear answer to the question ‘what drives sales?’. A lot of the multinational hugely successful companies today started with the puzzling over the same question. It seemed that a lot of them cracked the code with the help of a simple video that explained their product well.

Most people don’t come on the internet to read and do extensive research. The fact that you are reading this itself, surprises us. Most people come online to see. They are hooked by quick content and clear pleasing visuals. These 8 companies figured this out in an incredible way:

1.Dropbox Explainer Video:

After being fed up with their previous strategy ‘paid search’, Dropbox created a 2-minute whiteboard explainer video which led to them gaining 10 million additional customers!

2. Twitter Explainer Video:

When twitter launched 12 years, many were quick to write it off. After releasing an explainer video campaign they captured a much wider market.

3. Jellyfish Explainer Video:

Jellyfish was getting a lot of cold calls and clients not coming back to them. They used this explainer video and closed an 800,000 dollar deal in just 7 days!

4. Slack Explainer Video:

Slack did their own unique explainer that booted their sales and deliver their message in a time-efficient way.

5. Crazy Egg Explainer Video:

The visually stunning and quirky Crazy Egg Explainer Video Raised 64% Conversion & $21,000 Extra Revenue Per Month.

6. CaseComplete Explainer Video:

Case complete is a requirements management tool. The company with this video increased its conversion by 23 percent!

7. Spotify

With this unique video, Spotify not only made an impact on their sales but also carved a new niche in explainer videos.

8. Autocad WS Explainer Video:

A company for a CAD app launched a funny explainer video that got 1 million views and driven 10 million downloads and media exposure!

Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media

What is animation? Well, Wikipedia says that it is ‘the method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images’. Thanks, Wikipedia! Nobody got that. Well, essentially, animation is making your graphics move.

In the past few years, especially after the digital revolution, animation and animated videos have been getting a lot of traction online. According to molecular biologist John Medina, visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text. Which means that if I were to tell you that last sentence in the form of a pie chart, it would have been much more appealing. 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos. So if you were to use online platforms to market your product, it would be silly not to use a video.

let’s face it. Social media is a big part of our day now. If we were to consume so much of something every day, we would want it to look appealing and be engaging. Animation helps you get your message across a visually stunning and time-efficient way. A live-action video gets looked past because it gets saturated in all of the live-action content already out there on these platforms. Animation videos stand out and also spark a sense of joy as these a reminiscent of the cartoons we used to watch as children. Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Want to hear another convincing fact? After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online!

Most animation has a story. Even if it is as basic as a tutorial! It follows a storyline and gives the viewer entertainment as well as the information you want to communicate. Most people on social media don’t go there with the intention of being pitched a product. They go there for entertainment! An animated video can give them just that. A sense of relief in the midst of all this information. Just like the one you got while reading that first Wikipedia joke. Unless you work at Wikipedia. In which case, I hate to break it to you, but I think most of the traffic you get is from people editing articles rather than reading them.

Moving on, the animation is not just flashy, it’s practical too! Especially if you have a digital product or small physical product, with the help of animation you can show exactly how it all works clearly and elegantly. With animation, you can demonstrate moving parts, show user interfaces, and convey just how smoothly it all works!

So if you want your product or service to perform well on social media, animated videos are definitely the way to go!

The 10 Best Explainer Videos…Ever

Explaining anything is boring, tedious and more often than not, very hard to do. Explainer videos, however, condense a lot of information into fun visuals, an interesting story, and clear text! It’s the reason we would snore through a history lesson back in school but don’t think twice before watching whichever next World War 2 movie Brad Pitt decides to make.

Off late there has been an influx of so many great explainer videos that keep pushing the boundaries of marketing. So I think it would be great to take a look at a list of 10 such amazing videos!

Crazy Egg

This video by Crazy Egg is quirky, innovative, and quite fittingly, crazy!

IT Man

This animated video by IT showcases their product extremely well by taking the viewer through this nostalgic journey through an old video game experience.


Groupon has made another innovative and quick explainer that fits their brand.


Padmapper explainer is the best example of having light-hearted humor to keep their audience engaged!

Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club video is not only funny but it also conveys their message in a short and simple way.


This video is a treat to watch because of its beautiful animations and visuals.

Adobe CMO

This is a concept explainer that showcases brilliantly how to tell a story while selling a product.

Google Calendar

Google is always one of the best for its quick, smooth, and quality explainers.

Neat Streets

Neat streets have put out a very pretty yet simple explainer video!

Chevy/Call Me Out App

In this video, they have integrated a celebrity and fused live-action footage with animation extremely well that does justice not only to the app but also to the celebrity!