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Tips for Creating a Hilarious Explainer Video

Who doesn’t love humor? Although the definition of what is funny and what is not can vary from person to person, I think we can all agree that humor is mutually loved throughout the world and the tumor, in fact, is mutually hated throughout the world. Get it? Because it sounds like humor. See, I …

By Media Lab

6 Top Explainer Video Examples and Tips to Make Your Own

According to research done by Wyzowl, 96 percent of respondents said they’ve watched an explainer video to learn about a company’s offerings. That is just one statistic to interest all the people that are all about the numbers. To them, I would also like to say “45!” It’s pretty clear according to those statistics that …

By Media Lab

7 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Enough statistics prove that killer explainer videos are a great marketing tool for your business. There are all kinds of explainer videos already out there explaining all sorts of different topics and products. The only explainer video missing is an explainer video explaining how to make an explainer video. But I’m sure that’s out there …

By Media Lab

20 Awesome Explainer Video Examples (2020)

We have talked a lot about what makes for a good explainer video and which companies are doing it best. But if you are saying, “Save the lecture, whoever is writing this curiously detailed explainer video blog in a dark and deadly pandemic situation.  Show us the best!” If you were looking for a definitive …

By Media Lab

The Best Explainer Videos Have These 8 Things In Common

There’s no one secret formula to an incredible explainer video. A lot of people have experimented with the format and come up with groundbreaking techniques. Yet, there are some things that you can easily spot in common most captivating explainers. Like the fact that they are all playing inside your screen. Most of them have …

By Media Lab

The 10 Best Explainer Videos…Ever!!!

Explaining anything is boring, tedious and more often than not, very hard to do. Explainer videos, however, condense a lot of information into fun visuals, an interesting story, and clear text! It’s the reason we would snore through a history lesson back in school but don’t think twice before watching whichever next World War 2 …

By Media Lab

Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Social Media

What is animation? Well, Wikipedia says that it is ‘the method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images’. Thanks, Wikipedia! Nobody got that. Well, essentially, animation is making your graphics move.  In the past few years, especially after the digital revolution, animation and animated videos have been getting a lot of traction …

By Media Lab

8 Explainer Videos That Caused A Big Bang Of Sales

There seems to be no one clear answer to the question ‘what drives sales?’. A lot of Multinational immensely successful companies today started puzzling over the same question. It seemed that a lot of them cracked the code with the help of a simple video that explained their product well.  Most people don’t come on …

By sndmedia

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