What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing – Traditional marketing V/S Content marketing.


Content marketing is a form of marketing where data in the form of content is created, published and distributed. Keeping the target audience in consideration the content is created. The content must be very concise, relevant, valuable and consistent to reach the target audience. A good content always helps in retention of the customer in terms of profitable action.

Traditional marketing was about “telling” the world how awesome you are at what you do to solve your customers’ problems.

Content marketing is more about “showing” the world how awesome you are at what you do to solve your customers’ problems and ultimately gain their trust.


How can content marketing help a business in reality?


Content Marketing is very popular in today’s date as it;

-Creates content to attract quality traffic and generate leads.

-Pays attention on strategies for social media.

-Is very cost effective.

-Helps build trust with your website users/visitors.

-Let’s your business own the media channels, no need to borrow them.

-Creates a better marketing funnel.

-Achieves a profound understanding of your ideal customer.

-Sets you apart from your competitors with great content.

-Builds brand authority with amazing content.

-Helps your SEO, search engine rankings, which leads to better-quality traffic on your website.

-helps you address problems of readers/ visitors rather than just promoting business.

Know how content marketing drives sales!


Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” The most important part a storyteller does is setting the vision, values, motto for an entire generation of people that is to come.

Storytelling has the power to  influence people’s emotions. It forms an emotional connection and we know that people make decisions based on their emotions. And people don’t randomly decide to buy stuff from brands that are unknown to them.

Did you ever buy from an unknown brand? A brand whose story is not known to you. Do you remember buying  from a brand name you have not heard of? I am sure that the answer is, never! There lies the lack of connection between a customer and the brand. Emotions are missing as the brand has not connected with the customer yet!

Remember to care for your customers’ journey while focusing on the sales funnel. This balance is very important to attain in the present time. This gives an understanding to the brand of various factors; aspects of your customer, their buying decisions, their expectations and every other detail that influences them.

Precisely understanding the factors above will result in effective sales for real. Driving sales is the leading focus of every business.

So, how does content marketing help?

Let’s have a look;

     1.By constantly producing evergreen content.

     2.Increasing sales with user generated content.

     3.Nurturing leads with important information.

     4.Improving brand awareness and recall.

     5.Creating personalized buyer experiences.

     6.Establishing thought leadership and authority.

     7.Focusing on organic traffic.

     8.Addressing customer’s problems.

This and many more things bring better sales to the table with the help of content marketing.


Types of content marketing


There are many different types of content marketing, which includes;



-Visual content

-Slideshare presentation



-Lead magnets






-Social media posts

-Free apps



-Slide decks

And many more.

Traditionally, in person product demos, seminars, physical leaflets and phone books were considered as types of content marketing. Today, the motto is the same, but we have better and wider platforms to channel out the content towards the targeted audience. Don’t forget the audience is also getting a wide exposure and a huge chunk of content to choose from. So, it’s important to have quality content delivered on as many platforms as possible.


How will SND Media play a key role in content marketing for your brand/ company/ product/ service?


As we understand by now that content marketing is used for creating true engagement with customers, by attracting them to develop a well defined customer base. This also results in a positive customer behaviour and develops a positive view about your brand in the minds of the customers. 

That’s exactly why we are here! To build an awesome brand story, brand image, and curate a perfect content that connects with the targeted audience.

Here, at SND media, our job is so much more than a periodic blog post with a flashy title. We are here to deliver an editorial calendar that can include case studies, research, blogs, videos, white papers, checklists, infographics, emails, letters, webinars, presentations, and plenty of other creative forms of communication.

All these forms of communication are sent across various channels like organic search, email, twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Facebook, industry publications and more.

Our job requires in-depth knowledge of your audience’s behaviors. We have to orient the content towards different audiences at different points in their progression towards making a purchase. Taken all together, this is enough to keep a normal person up at night.

And in the end, like digital marketers of all tribes, the number one thing we focus on is ROI. Is the content helpful to the audience to convert them? And we can answer it as a ‘yes’ because we make sure to do it right!

Take a look at our responsibilities in depth.


Written content creation- blogs, emails, social media posts


-Integrating keywords into the strategy and evaluating the effectiveness.

-Knowing audience and what to offer them.

-Researching trends related to your field.

-Creating authentic blog post on current trends.

-Researching tools to find out what your audience is seeking, to develop content accordingly.

-Creating email campaigns.

-Repurposing popular content.

-Maintaining the company website.


Video content creation


-Create a vision for video content.

-Coordinate the use of video into the overall marketing.

-Distribution of video on various platforms.


Management of social media content


-Learn what platforms to target which your audience uses.

-Engage with audience.

-Create social media presence across all platforms.

-Maintain a persona.

-Increase followers.

-Increase brand awareness.


Content generation


-Research current trends.

-Write or co-ordinate ebooks, how to’s, and white papers with thick content.

-Plan distribution.

-Find ways to repurpose the content.


Editorial calendars and strategy


-Set publishing timelines from idea generation to publication.

-Coordinate with freelancers and team members.

-Create and enforce deadlines.

-Plan when to repurpose content and how to repurpose content.

-Social media management.


Data analysis


-Collect and interpret user data.

-Define target audience using metrics gathered by analytics software.

-Adjust overall marketing strategy based on what is working.

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By Media Lab
7 June 2021

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