How to create a Digital Marketing Strategy in 8 steps?

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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing uses online channels or platforms to exchange information, products and services, values with your audience in a cost-effective manner. It’s all about building a strong plan around achieving marketing goals for your business. Digital marketing has proven to build a strong, loyal customer base. It is more data driven.

Digital marketing has changed a lot in the past 2 to 3 years than it did in the past 50 years. Many industries are trying to rip the benefits of digital marketing. Not all the digital strategies work in your favor. 


What is a Digital Marketing strategy?


Digital Marketing strategy consists of various steps or courses of action. We need those to reach a specific end goal of marketing. You need to have business objectives and priorities to determine your end goal. Once your goals are decided. You can make a decision on your digital marketing campaigns and execution to achieve the end results.

For executing digital marketing campaigns, you need to have a well-planned blueprint of your digital marketing strategy to achieve the set goals. Campaigns are a part of strategies and they are nothing, but tactics used to achieve the short term goals.


Why is it important?


To achieve any goal, we need a strategy, a plan around it. So, having a strategy is very important in order to reach the set goals. Strategies increase the efficiency, workflow, and optimizes the entire plan. We can gather the data and analyze it thoroughly to come up with better strategies.

Strategies help your business acquire a quality customer base. You can take help of social media, CRO, content marketing, and so on for the same. Make awesome content marketing strategies to make your business sustainable. Online content is very useful to allure desired traffic.

Having a good digital marketing strategy is very important in this competitive world. Here, customers get exposure from all sides of the world. Moving further we must know how to create the strategy. So, let’s move ahead!


How to create a Digital Marketing strategy? Elements of the Strategy


Do you know how to create a digital marketing strategy? Are you curious enough to know about it? If yes, then let’s dive in and know about it in brief.

The following steps will guide us through;


1.Build Buyers Persona


It is important to understand the customers, because it’s them we are selling to. So be it any marketing form, knowing customers is very important. Create buyer personas as a first step. Think about what motivates them to choose your business. Go through their demographics and other interests. See which platforms are mostly used by your target audience and design your strategies accordingly. You can take help of online tools like MakeMyPersona and Persona Creator to build your buyer personas.

Are you wondering about what kind of information you should collect to understand your buyer personas? That depends on the form of your business, whether it is B2B or B2C.

Let us find this information with;




Location: You can use web analytics tools to identify the location of your customers. It is important to know where your customers are coming from, and the location of the traffic. It helps in making better strategies.

Age: Knowing the age of your customers will help you set better trends. But the relevance of this information completely depends on your business. It can be used strategically.

Income: get this information from your research interviews. People do not reveal this information via forms. It will help you understand the price range you could set for your products and services considering the desired customer base.

Job title: having this information is very useful for a B2B business. This will help you understand the qualifications that your customer base holds. Having an idea about how smart and intelligent your audience is will keep you motivated to come up with great products and services.




Challenges: Ask questions to all the people who are in the right roles and who face your customers. Speak to those sales executives, and customer service representatives. Try to detect the kind of problems your customers might be facing. 

Priorities It is important to know what is important to your customers in terms of what your business has to offer, so talk to them, find out their priorities and expectations from your services.

Goals: By talking to so many people involved in the business externally or internally; sales representative, customer service and others, you might have had an idea of the goals of your business’s buyer persona.

Interests: Know your customers’ hobbies and interests. You can strategically put forth your content in the future which will please your audience.




Identifying your marketing goals like generating leads, increasing sales, brand awareness and so on that align with your business goals is a very important step to mark. You might be overarching for certain digital marketing goals, but having the right tools is equally beneficial.

Professional marketers know how important it is to define goals. That’s why we go by the SMART strategy to define and attain our goals.

Improving the sales by 15% through a specific social media platform for next 3 months falls under the SMART strategy; it is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.


3.Evaluate your existing Digital Marketing Channels


Evaluating what you have will help you focus on what you want to achieve and where you want to get.

Firstly, understand and have a look at your main marketing channels and platforms;

social media accounts


-word of mouth

-Paid advertising


email marketing



content marketing

Secondly, study your channels and figure out which ones are doing great. Think how you can make it more effective and what are their future contributions. If you recreated a landing page and it is bringing more leads, then use it again over the course of time with slight modifications.

The simplest way to move ahead would be categorizing these channels into three categories; owned, earned, and paid media channels. Go through these channels as they are your assets and decide which one fits the strategy really well.


Owned Media: 


This is the media that your brand or business owns. It could be the website, blog content, social media accounts, and other things. You have complete control over these owned channels.


Earned Media: 


This refers to the unpaid media, the attention you get through great reviews, press mentions, shares and word of mouth marketing. This is authentic attention that the brand receives. This comes from the content, PR activities, customer experience amongst the other things.


Paid Media: 


Paid media signifies the paid channels you have used to gain attention from the desired customers. This could be paid social media posts, advertising through email, posts, websites, and other mediums. This is where you pay the channels to create brand awareness, increase visibility, and reach other goals.


4.Digital Sales Funnel for Digital Marketing


Understanding your digital sales funnel contributes to putting the right foot first. Before developing any strategy, having the knowledge of the sales funnel is very necessary. Buyers move from one step to another in this funnel that depicts the journey of the buyer.

Address each step of the funnel very deliberately with appropriate tools. You can easily understand the funnel from the given steps.

1.Awareness: Make your target audience aware about your product, about your existence. Show ads on social media and have very well optimized content. People will hear about you and it will create an impression of your brand in their minds for the first time. It has to be good!

2.Interest: Your brand awareness and product or service display will generate interest in the potential buyers. Specify how you are going to be different from your competitors. Make sure you inform your product or service in such a way that it looks useful to your customers. Tell them how your business will make their life easy. Use tools and present your brand really well via videos and other content.

3.Decision: At this stage the audience is trying to make a decision on whether to buy your product or not. Engage with them and post your content which assures them that you’re addressing their pain points. Ask them questions which encourage engagement.

4.Action: Have a strong Call-to-action (CTA) plan. Tell your buyers what kind of action you expect them to take to make a purchase. Offers and discounts could also be applied to encourage purchase. 




Automation is playing a vital role in today’s marketing strategies. It’s getting better with time and technology; tools are making things easier too. You can automate activities like content marketing, lead generation, email marketing, social media posts and other things with the help of tools.

As things will improvise you would want to improve your game of automation too, for giving out impactful and effective campaigns. Personalized posts and messages are a good way to reach out to your audience. This is more specific, and it targets a very specific set of audience too. But you would want to reach beyond to those unattended customers too. You can place a mixture of both personalized messages and automated messages. Retargeting with automated personalized messages via emails that will show products to that of similar searches will improve traffic.

At last, make utmost use of customer segmentation to write personalized and focused copy. This copy is curated for a specific audience keeping in mind their expectations from business. Time is important, so make sure they see these messages exactly when they need them.


6.Mobile optimization


It’s the era of mobiles, improvising on mobile optimization is the new necessity. Your site should be able to load faster with amazing designs, and a great SEO. This will ensure that people visiting your website through various mobile devices are having a good experience.

Get feedback and reviews from your visitors regarding their experience. This helps in improvising the website and optimizing for better results.

Traffic on your website should be high to reassure great outcomes. Online business nowadays is all about connecting with potential customers through available resources efficiently.


7.Create plan for Digital Marketing Campaign


Have a well-defined plan that will help in reaching the goal. A specific marketing strategy like, email marketing, ppc, social media and all is very important to move ahead. Define your goal and set actions to reach the goal. Hold on to a specific timeline to make the actions measurable.

Your actions may include keyword research to improve SEO. This is nothing but developing a keyword strategy. 

Include following tactics:

-Lead generation magnets or lead generation widgets 

-Featuring CTA

-Share influencers content on social media to increase engagement

-Testimonials with Email plugins

-Use of marketing automation tools


8.Track your results


Digital marketing involves various elements; channels, platforms and campaigns. Keeping a track of these activities is very tricky. Taking help of tools like Google Analytics, Google ads, and Google Search Console is very easy and useful. 

Constant monitoring will make sure that your strategies are working. If not working, then search for gaps and improve. But for this you need to question yourself;

Are customers interacting with your content?

How are they interacting?

How is your progress towards your goal?

Are you getting enough clicks?

And are they converting?

Are you losing engagement?

What is working the best? How and why?

What is not working? How and why?

Gather data and analyze information and look for improvisation.




Managing all of the above is a big task. We at SND media specialize in an end-to-end connection between these platforms and companies. And we help you gain better results. We have all the necessary software and tools with an in house amazing team of experts. They are great at strategizing and creating relevant content for your brand. Digital marketing strategies are the most important part to reap results and so leaving that with the experts is a smart move to make. We hope this article was helpful.

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2 July 2021

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