The 10 Best Explainer Videos…Ever!!!

Explaining anything is boring, tedious and more often than not, very hard to do. Explainer videos, however, condense a lot of information into fun visuals, an interesting story, and clear text! It’s the reason we would snore through a history lesson back in school but don’t think twice before watching whichever next World War 2 movie Brad Pitt decides to make.

Off late there has been an influx of so many great explainer videos that keep pushing the boundaries of marketing. So I think it would be great to take a look at a list of 10 such amazing videos!


Crazy Egg

This video by Crazy Egg is quirky, innovative and quite fittingly, crazy!


IT Man

This animated video by IT showcases their product extremely well by taking the viewer through this nostalgic journey through an old video game experience.



Groupon has made another innovative and quick explainer that fits their brand.



Padmapper explainer video is the best example of having light-hearted humor to keep their audience engaged!


Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club video is not only funny but it also conveys their message in a short and simple way.



This video is a treat to watch because of its beautiful animations and visuals.


Adobe CMO

This is a concept explainer video that showcases brilliantly how to tell a story while selling a product.


Google Calendar

Google is always one of the best for its quick, smooth, and quality explainers.


Neat Streets

Neat streets have put out a very pretty yet simple explainer video!


Chevy/Call Me Out App

In this explainer video, they have integrated a celebrity and fused live-action footage with animation extremely well that does justice not only to the app but also to the celebrity!


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By Media Lab
28 May 2021

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