The Best Explainer Videos Have These 8 Things In Common

There’s no one secret formula to an incredible explainer video. A lot of people have experimented with the format and come up with groundbreaking techniques. Yet, there are some things that you can easily spot in common most captivating explainers. Like the fact that they are all playing inside your screen. Most of them have more than one word in the voice over. They all have a play button somewhere in the beginning. I’m kidding, of course. 

If you want to make a compelling explainer video, here are a few aspects that seemed to fit in all the best videos made recently.


A Clear And Concise Script:

Nobody wants to hear a lecture no matter how visually engaging it is. The internet is speedily growing towards short-form content. ‘Five minutes or less’ is said to be the ‘internet firewall’. Whatever the video is about it’s best to keep it to the point without compromising on clarity. Simpler the idea sounds the more ears it will get.


Having a visual identity:

With so many advertisements and explainer videos already out there, you need your video to stand out and make an impression. Define your video’s personality. Fix the tone in which you are trying to communicate and make sure most things follow that pattern. If your video is scribbly and silly with a buttoned-up corporate sounding voice over, it may not work. Think of your video as a person conveying your message to the audience. They will only believe him if he has a consistent style. If he is wearing a bow tie on a clown outfit, they will have more questions before they would want to know about what he’s selling.


Captivating Story:

We want everything to have a beginning, middle, and end. We keep watching something because we want to find out what happens next. Telling a story is the best way of keeping viewers from getting distracted. It doesn’t have to be complicated fable. Just simply stating a problem, offering a solution and ways to find that solution in a clear and fun way is more than enough!


Intuitive Graphic Design:

Most concepts are hard to explain. Even with a well-written script, there is a lot of complex terminology and ideas that might draw the viewer’s attention away. The whole point of videos is to take the burden of explaining these ideas away from just the written word but giving visual cues that gell well with the script. Quick readable text, attractive diagrams as well as clear movement can make the video hit the right market. 


Continuous Movement:

A lot of the explainer videos nowadays make sure that there is always something moving on the screen. Even in the pauses. Sometimes the pieces or characters are moving and sometimes the background. Most videos also play with consistent and dynamic camera movement instead of the simple cuts and fadeaways. 


Offering A Simple Call To Action:

You can have an amazing video with a compelling story and great visuals. But if the viewer at the end of the video is still confused as to how to acquire your product or services, it’s a wasted attempt. Effective videos have a quick and easy call to action highlighted usually at the end of the video.


Emotional Connect:

This is very hard to achieve. The videos that get millions of views and drive the most result strike an emotional chord with its audience. It can be through humor, through compelling storytelling or just through beautiful frames. Making sure that the video feels original and thoughtful is what can be the gateway to getting you results.


Knowing Your Audience:

A lot of explainer videos try to relate to everyone and hence end up relating with no one. It’s very important to know who your target audience is and catering the video to their liking. If you are making a video for mothers between 40-50 years, dark and flashy colors or loud background music will not only disconnect them but it will also remind them of their rebellious teenage son’s favorite rock band. Not a good way to convert them into leads.


These are 8 things that are common in the best explainer videos! 


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By Media Lab
28 May 2021

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