Tips for Creating a Hilarious Explainer Video

Who doesn’t love humor? Although the definition of what is funny and what is not can vary from person to person, I think we can all agree that humor is mutually loved throughout the world and the tumor, in fact, is mutually hated throughout the world. Get it? Because it sounds like humor. See, I told you that the definition of what is funny can vary. Same can happen for an explainer video too! That is why, we have tips for creating hilarious explainer video.

Most social media trends originate from a joke. Most videos that go viral have a sense of hilarity to it. So if you would want to market your product with an explainer video, why not make it light-hearted and capture the viewer’s attention? 

With that said, of course, Not all explainer videos are meant to be funny. If jokes are forced in there it could have the opposite effect. To seamlessly infuse humor into your video, you would need to do it skillfully. Here are a few tips!


Be as honest as possible:

Jokes always tend to work when the viewer is already on your side. Of course, you have to sell your product. But if something is the reality of things, address it! If your explainer video is about the technology behind ticketing machines, maybe address how most people are not aware that there is one. 


Use metaphors:

It can be hard to explain anything. It always helps if you give the audience a comparison to something that they already know about. This helps in understanding the script but also gives you the opportunity the exaggerate and make for hilarious scenarios.

Look at this video for example!


Make relatable visuals:

If your target audience is college students and you go with a corporate and clean style it will be very hard to get them into becoming leads. Use visuals that are simple, fun, and have an element of quirkiness to them. The joke doesn’t always have to be in your face. It can be in the look of the scene. Hiding in the background like a teenager at a family function. Okay, not these metaphors, better ones.


Make weird and funny characters:

A silly character explaining a large concept always works! That is basically the idea behind puppet shows. Take a look at this video to see how a fitting yet quirky character lifts the whole video.



It’s always funny to exaggerate anything but make sure you exaggerate on the right points. If you hit the right spot of your audience’s troubles and problems, you can knock it out of the park by exaggerating. If you are selling hand gloves for the winter, sympathize with how irritating cold hands can be!


These are of course just a few tips. Being funny is very subjective but it’s not very hard to do just to engage your audience’s attention!

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By Media Lab
28 May 2021

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