Top 3 Digital Marketing Case studies from India!

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Top 3 Digital Marketing Case studies taken from Indian Market


Well, before moving ahead with the case study, let us dive deeper into a few topics. We have some quotations lined up for those future marketers who came searching for us.

Did you wonder about those successful online campaigns pulled flawlessly by the top Marketers? Their number of followers keep increasing. Do you want to know their strategies for these marketing campaigns?

Today, all the businesses revolve around the internet. Every business is craving for followers from all over the media. But to attract this traffic a marketer needs to generate innovative ideas. From these ideas, attractive campaigns come to life. People across the globe love these campaigns and a positive word of mouth spreads across.

Businesses of this digital marketing era know how complex the online platforms are. But they do know how to take advantage of these platforms to promote their products and services to their customers.

Digital marketing is a very unique, innovative and creative industry. Social media has been the peak for brands to get in touch with customers. Online platforms allow customers to come in direct contact to share content from their end. This could be a message, experience, enquiry, complaints, etc. Let us have a look at various case studies to see how it has helped businesses.


1. KFC


KFC is a global restaurant chain. We have heard about the KFC campaigns like “Radio KFC RJ Hunt”, “Design your own bucket”, “Currycature”, “Dil Mein Grill ” and many designed for Indian Markets.

Well KFC definitely knows the power of digital marketing and social media platforms. They utilized it so well to boost their online presence across the platforms. Sales of their products increased rapidly. There is about 22% sales growth in India by 2019 Hindu business line reports. This has come from their online campaigns and a strong hold of their digital presence. It has turned out to be the number one brand on social media in India.

Their campaigns like “Radio KFC RJ Hunt”, “Design your own bucket”, “Currycature”, “Dil Mein Grill ” have encouraged the youths of the country. The motto was to make the application popular. And in return they not only created brand awareness but also increased the engagement amongst the youth. India hosts the largest youth population which is around 35% of the total population.


Let’s have a look at these campaigns through digital marketing;


When they hosted the “Design your own Bucket” campaign, it was one of the marketing strategies. Here, they asked the participants to be creative and thoughtful and design their own buckets of KFC.

A whopping 5.5k entries were registered. The participants came up with some amazing ideas for their buckets. Do you know they came with the idea to place Sachin Tendulkar’s picture on the bucket? That is because he retired during this campaign. This is so amazing!

Coming back to another great campaign; it was “Radio KFC RJ Hunt”. This was a social media campaign again. KFC has its own in-house radio channel. The idea was to promote this radio channel. Around 3000 participants from around 30 Indian cities took part in this. They were asked to record their analog radio experience over the internet with the help of Facebook App. Their voice recordings were aired. People took interest in collaborating with the big brand.

Similarly, there was another campaign called “Currycature”. Around 17k -18k people participated in this campaign. That’s the highest number so far. This campaign motivated participants to select an ethnic Indian character and upload its picture.




1. KFC became one of the top fastest growing social media brands in India. It counted amongst the top 5!

2. Social baker the marketing platform featured KFC amongst the top 5 brands who are socially devoted.

3. Facebook page engagement for KFC increased from 7% to 94%, three times higher than the average!


2. IPL


Indian Premier League (IPL) is a Twenty20 cricket tournament. IPL has got several teams, one of them is Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). The co-owner of this team is Shahrukh Khan, one of the famous actors. Coming back to digital marketing, even these teams cannot keep calm without entering the digital world.

Digital marketing strategy has brought a very high engagement rate with the fans following KKR IPL team. There is around 2% increase in the engagement on Instagram for KKR. The objective of wandering around the digital platforms was to increase brand awareness irrespective of having Shahrukh Khan. Along with that, as most of the people spend time on social media, it was about staying connected to people. The KKR team tried to keep their fans updated with news and inside small chunks of spicy information.

The “INSIDE KKR” campaign on the digital platform became very popular. It was solemnly dedicated to the fans. This campaign consisted of a video series blog to create engagement. Fans could access news through this series and interact with their favorite players.

Secondly, they came up with an application dedicated for the KKR team. Here, again the motto was to keep the fans engaged with updates and latest news. Website blogs were available for better reading and understanding experience.

A special campaign was run on Twitter. This campaign was “Cheer for KKR”. Sessions were queued for players on the platform.

Lastly, the digital marketing team of KKR had arranged live sessions on Facebook Live Chat at the Facebook HQ, Hyderabad. They gave special attention to the social media platforms and the engagement that came with it.




1. KKR turned out to be the most engaged IPL team amongst others.

2. Also, the Facebook page had nearly 16M likes during the campaign. That is huge! It was the highest amongst all other teams.

3. It gained traffic on Pinterest and Google Plus profile with all these other campaigns and activities.

4. KKR became the most followed IPL team on Instagram with around 500k followers.


3. Paper Boat


Paper boat is a famous brand in India. It is well known for its traditional drinks that people in India are very fond of. These beverages come in some amazing famous flavors; kala khatta, kokum, aam panna, chilly guava, jaljeera and many more. These flavors are very common in indian families, but it is quite not possible to prepare these at home.

Paper boat came up with this campaign of “Float A Boat”. The objective of this campaign was to take people back to some awesome memories of the monsoon season. This purpose was well served and well received on the digital marketing platforms. Various other campaigns were run to touch the audience in an emotional alluring manner. People definitely fell in love with Paper boat.

Float a boat campaign was the most popular. The team had asked people to make paper boats like in their childhood days. The monsoon season was the right time to flood in this innovative idea. Paper boat asked people to tag them with the photos and videos of these paper boats on social media. They gained huge followers too.

Another motto was to make donations of Rs. 20 for children’s education, every time someone bought paper boat product. This touched millions of hearts and became a very successful campaign.




Brand awareness increased with various campaigns.




The world is full of creative ideas. All we need to do is, pick up the best idea that suits our brand and strategies. Online marketing is gaining traction and we need to deliver to its needs. Think out of the box and make the most of it.

Secondly, creating marketing campaigns is easy, but touching the hearts of your audience is the key. It should catch the emotional essence to be successful. Sensitive topics reach out louder and farther than anticipated.

Lastly, digital marketing and platforms are a boon. Using them wisely can lead us to a far and wide base of amazing audiences. There are millions of people out there. So, let us brace ourselves and come up with amazing marketing strategies.

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By Media Lab
9 July 2021

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