Top 7 best Explainer Videos 2021. Guide for Explainer video!

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Top 7 best explainer videos 2021. How, What, Why know it all with as high as 150% conversion rates for startups.


For any startup business an explainer video is very important to make your business successful. So, in this article we will cover the whereabouts of an explainer video, various types of it, examples to give better understanding and different tricks and tips to make a stark explainer video to attain the conversion rate.

What will you learn?

1. What is an explainer video?

2. Where to use the explainer video?

3. Benefits for business

4. Types of explainer video

5. Top 7 examples 2021

6. Which type is right for my company?

7.  Advantages of using explainer video

You are about to find out!


What exactly is an explainer video?


An explainer video is a short video that helps your customer understand the business closely. This could also include the brand’s story for better connection. The video consists of a brief explanation of the products and services that are offered by the company.


Where to use an Explainer video?


Landing page– it is most preferable to place them on a landing page. In a case study by Eyeview Digital, it was found that video on landing pages increase conversions by a whopping 86%.

Home page– this is the page that receives the highest traffic so definitely include it here.

Product page– placing the explainer video on the product page will make the target audience understand the product better.

Email campaigns– highlighting the word video in the email subject lines has proven to increase the click through rates by a great deal of 65%.

Sales meeting-start the sales meet with an explainer video to unify sales messaging and to save time.

Retargeting ads– by running retargeting ads get the explainer video in front of those people who visited the website but did not take any action.

Social media– to increase the engagement show the explainer video on social media channels regularly.

Sales outreach- to target the cold leads, place the explainer video in sales emails.


Why is an explainer video so important? What are the benefits?


For any business to maintain a potent online presence, digital marketing in the form of videos acts as an asset. Brands across various industries are looking for elixir to improve the conversion rates. As explainer videos are being favored quite a lot, it has been observed that they do help in conversion rates reaching as high as 150%. HubSpot Research recently found that most preferred form of content is the video form. Since, videos are visually attractive and eye catching, people enjoy it as its very entertaining.


Types of explainer videos


2D animated explainer video


The most common explainer videos are cartoon, illustration or whiteboard drawings in a two-dimensional style. A few years ago, whiteboard explainer videos were the big thing, then it was cartoon characters and lately, it’s colorful illustrations of humans. 2D animation videos are less expensive.

Thankfully, some animators and designers know how to think out of the box to create amazing explainer videos for their clients.

Eg. Security @me


Illustrated explainer video


Almost every explainer video lately is designed with illustrations so much so that they all look similar to each other. But of course, we have some unique ones for you here. These videos have enough to keep people interested in them.

Eg. Crazy egg




Before all the explainer were made with colorful animated illustrations, the trend was all about whiteboard animations. Here, in the whiteboard video the animation is hand drawn and erased on a whiteboard. This format was popular because of its ease of operation and low cost. But now illustrated videos are more popular.

Eg. Rsa reimagining work


3D Animated explainer video


One of our personal favorite explainer video styles is 3D animation. A difference lies between a 2D video and a 3D video, the depth of field and the type of movement. The 3D animation is very realistic and grabs the eye of the audience very easily.

Always make sure you are using animation in a strategic way. Some topics, especially those that call for a human touch, can actually be harmed by using animation.

Eg. creditflux


Motion Graphics


Motion graphics explainer videos bring still graphics to life with animation, visual effects and other cinematic techniques. They are not necessarily story based or character driven and may involve animating abstract shapes, logos or text.

Eg. IR coder


Live action and animation hybrid explainer video


Using live action videos or live-action elements mixed with animation is a great way to appeal to a wide audience. These types of explainer videos come in all shapes and sizes, from simple presentation slides that include animation to full-fledged fusion designs. They are extremely attractive and popular.

You may have heard that animation is less expensive than live action video production. There are many factors that affect the cost of production, so this is not always the case.

Eg. Morgan crossing




Screencast videos incorporate imagery from a screen while a website, software or application is in use. The main purpose is to show how the application functions. They are very effective for showing users how to interact with new apps or features without requiring them to read many pages of text. These can often be less expensive. kodak moments app


Top 7 examples for 2021


     1. Slack

     2. Dollar shave club

     3. Paypal


     5. Chipotle

     6. Spotify

     7. Dissolve


Which type of explainer video is right for my company?


Hopefully these examples have shed some light on the different types of explainer videos available. You may still be wondering which type of explainer video is right for your company. As with most marketing decisions, the answer depends on the following vital aspects of your business:

         –Brand personality

         –Marketing goals

         –Target audience

The style of explainer video you choose should be consistent with your brand’s personality. If your brand is laid back and playful, then your explainer video should be too.

Remember to apply the best practices for video, tell a great story, keep your content short, authentic and remember your target audience.




         –83% of digital marketers using video think it gives them a good ROI. 91% say it’s a key part of their strategy.

         –They get 66% more qualified leads per year.

         –They achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.

         –90% of consumers state that watching a video helps them decide on a purchase.

         –Using the word video in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%.


Also check the top tips for making Explainer Video!

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20 June 2021

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