What is Digital Marketing? 5 D’s of Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing?


Before we jump on the 5 D’s of digital marketing, it is important to have a basic understanding of digital marketing. Digital marketing uses online channels or platforms to exchange information, products and services, values with your audience in a cost-effective manner. Digital marketing has proven to build a strong, loyal customer base.

With that being said, it can be understood, digital marketing revolves around the cooperation of customers too. Which is why, the 5 D’s come into picture. Now, to understand where digital marketing stands in the future, it is of utmost importance to understand the customer or audience interaction. To understand the customers’ interactions, we need to have a closer look at these 5 D’s.


Digital Devices


Customers interact with your brand through various devices. You can study this pattern and use these devices to target the desired audience for marketing your product and services. These devices could be;

– Mobile Phones

According to GSMA 2021; 67.03% of world’s population use mobile devices. This accounts nearly 5.27 billion people in the world!

– Tablets

According to Statista 2021; nearly 1.28 billion people use tablets.

– Laptops or Desktops

Nearly 55% people are laptop users around the world. 60% of the time people prefer using desktops to stay on the sites. On the other hand, Mobile are used for limited applications and websites.

– Smart TVs

The global market demand for smart tv is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.8%.

– Smart Watches

It is expected that the global reach of smart watches is going to hit 108.91 millions. Expected CAGR 14.4%.

– Gaming Devices

There are around 3 billion gamers across the world. A huge number of gaming devices are used. Use them to make brand interaction easier.

Depending on the products or services, customers interact with brands’ websites and mobile applications through these devices. It’s observed that mobile devices are used more frequently as compared to other devices. According to 2021 research data, 79% of mobile device users have made online purchases in the first 6 months of 2021. So, do not forget to have a look at these statistics before deciding on your digital marketing strategies.


Digital Platforms


Digital platforms help your brand interact with the right audience. Browsers and applications are the perfect mediators. Social media as a platform is used widely by the users. Half of the world’s population is social media users. By 2020 reports, 3.96 billion people are actively using social media.


Browsers and applications for digital media;


– Google

About 50% of world’s population uses Google and its applications. An amazing platform to interact, an amazing opportunity to create brand awareness.

– Bing

Bing has a 6.78% of market share today in 2021. It was 6.15% in 2020. There is improvement.

– Yahoo

According to Statcounter report June 2021, Yahoo shares 1.53% share globally.

– Twitter

Around 190 Million people use Twitter around the globe. That’s a huge number and good for market reach.

– Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. There are 2.90 billion monthly active users.

– LinkedIn

According to Statista 2021, there are 700 million Linkedin users world-wide.

– YouTube

There are 2 billion logged-in users that visit Youtube every month. 70% of the traffic comes from mobile.

– Instagram

Instagram has roughly 1 billion active users every month. Again a better platform to increase the reach.

Depending upon the product and services, the usage of these applications and browsers differ widely. If you want to create a website or an account on social media, study the customer behavior first and then choose the right platform to target the audience.


Digital Media


Digital media are the paid channels or owned channels which are used to interact with the desired target audience. It can bring a noticeable increase in the desired target audience as your brand awareness increases. There are various types of digital media through which the engagement can be increased.

– Search engines

– Messaging through content

– Advertising 

– Emails

– Social networks

You need to make a decision whether to invest money in advertising or email management, social media ads, paid search and so on. Use communication tools like messages, emails for a more personalized touch. Mobile applications drive sales mostly for E-Commerce. Use websites and search engines for creating brand awareness.


Digital Data


As we have seen the previous 3 Ds, they give rise to this 4th D; digital data of digital marketing. Data consists of all the relevant information about your desired target audience. Having this data is a boon for your business. You can take the help of this data and encourage the target audience to buy your products or services. Use it to create brand awareness. 

Digital data gives you an insight on customers’ profiles and their behavior pattern. Their engagement towards your business. Use this data for increasing potential customers, sales, cross selling, and improving the customer experience.


You can capture this data via various means;


– POS (Point of sale)

– Surveys

– Sign ups for Events

– Website contact form

– Application installations

– Contests

Not all the information is available to you about a customer. Some of the information will remain private as per the laws. You will have access to data. This data is shared publicly. Use this data to observe their shopping behavior and use it to your advantage.


Digital Technology


Digital technology revolves around the devices, systems, resources and various tools. They are used for storing the data. It is all about the technology used while having a marketing objective to fulfill marketing goals. Use digital marketing to gain attention of the potential customer. 


Examples of digital technology;


– Artificial intelligence (AI)

– Virtual Reality (VR)

– Big Data

– Cloud computing

– Internet of Things (IOT)

– Augmented Reality (AR)

Digital technology focuses on creating interactive user experiences on various platforms. Artificial intelligence for that instance, helps businesses collect customer data and use it for chatbots, predictive analytics and search and recommendation engines. 




As you can see, lacking the knowledge of these 5 D’s of digital marketing can lead to a failure in your business strategies. This is because having knowledge of your customer through various patterns, devices, technology, platforms and what not is very important in this competitive world. So, to make your business campaigns and strategies effective and efficient, use of digital means is a must.

We know that there’s a lot to digest right now. But don’t baffle around and stay confused. If you are wondering where to start and how to start, then digital marketing is the best place to start with. We have all the tools, manpower and resources to handle your business requirements. At SND Media we can tell you the weak points and the opportunities you might miss. We are here to help you with every stage of digital marketing. SND Media will make you feel comfortable with every strategy we will suggest to you and guide you through the process from start to finish.

We hope we were able to give you some knowledge and information about digital marketing. This was just 1% of what really happens in the background. Digital marketing is far more than this and doing it the correct way can benefit so many people with your products and services. Revisit the reason, the objective of why you started your business and think how digital marketing can take it to the next level. We are here to guide you through and stay committed to your success.

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28 June 2021

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