What is Digital Marketing? Top 5 Strategies

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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing uses online channels or platforms to exchange information, products and services, values with your audience in a cost-effective manner. It’s all about building a strong plan around achieving marketing goals for your business. Digital marketing strategies have proven to build a strong, loyal customer base. It is more data driven.

Digital marketing has changed a lot in the past 2 to 3 years than it did in the past 50 years. Many industries are trying to rip the benefits of digital marketing. Not all the digital marketing strategies work in your favor. 


What is a Digital Marketing strategy?


Digital Marketing strategy consists of various steps or courses of action to be taken to reach a specific end goal of marketing. You need to have business objectives and priorities to determine your end goal. Once your goals are decided, you can make a decision on your digital marketing campaigns and execution to achieve the end results.

For executing digital marketing campaigns, you need to have a well-planned blueprint of your digital marketing strategy to achieve the set goals. Campaigns are a part of strategies and they are nothing, but tactics used to achieve the short-term goals.


Why is it important?


To achieve any goal, we need a strategy, a plan around it. So, having a strategy is very important in order to reach the set goals. Strategies increase the efficiency, workflow, and optimizes the entire plan. We can gather the data and analyze it thoroughly to come up with better strategies.

Strategies help your business acquire a quality customer base with the help of social media, CRO, content marketing, and so on. Make awesome content marketing strategies to make your business sustainable. Online content is very useful to allure desired traffic.

Having a good digital marketing strategy is very important in this competitive world where customers get exposure from all sides of the world. Moving further we must know the strategies. So, let’s move ahead!

(You can check for How to create digital marketing strategy in 8 steps here)


Top 5 Digital marketing Strategies


Do you have any idea about which digital strategies are effective and work the most for businesses? Without further ado, let us dig deeper on these 5 top strategies for digital marketing.

1.SEO – Search Engine Optimization

2.Content Marketing

3.Email marketing

4.Social media marketing

5.Pay-Per-Click PPC Marketing

Let us have a look at them one by one.


1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Digital Marketing

Building a website for your business which has awesome design is great. But what next? There is more to it. You will not get any audience or traffic easily just by building a site. Search Engine Optimization is what one needs to do.

You need strategies on how your website ranks amongst others. Attracting potential audiences is the key. For this we need research on relevant keywords. This is where SEO comes into picture.

SEO increases quality traffic on your website. It helps in building trust with your customer. For any SERP when your site starts ranking higher, it’s a sign that it contains quality content. It shows that the website is reputable.

Use various tools like SEMrush to keep a track of your website. Tools are important for optimization of the website. SEMrush can help you track keywords, rankings on SERPs, sneak peek on competitors, back linking. All of this will help you understand your position overall. Improvisation is the key! And this tool will give you that.

Google is expecting the websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS for safety protocols. HTTP pages are not very secure. 


HTTP                  +                 SSL              =             HTTPS

(Hypertext                     (Secure Socket              (Hyper Transfer

Transfer Protocol)                 Layer)                    Protocol Secure)


Basically, HTTPS makes the search secure. It is hard to hack a secured site.

There can be many other issues and challenges for a business to start with SEO. Therefore, it is best to hire a good SEO company to overcome these challenges.


2. Content marketing


Content marketing is another important aspect of digital marketing strategy to attract desired customers. You need very relevant, quality, worth and valuable content which your audience will consume.

Your content should reflect solutions. It should be useful to resolve pain points of your customer. That part of content never fades. For example, the car will never stop breaking down! There will always be someone in the world needing content related to that. So, if you have a blog written on “how to fix your car” or “what to do if your car Breaks down” or “car broke down, what went wrong”, it will be evergreen.

Simply, posting content will not take you to the top. Google is spying you, and it feeds itself on quality. So, make sure your content is king to make content marketing work for your brand. This will eventually build trust with your visitors.

A good content will help you create brand awareness, give you quality traffic, build credibility and authority, leadership and long-lasting trustful relationships with customers.

It is challenging to come up with new topics for content. Keep an eye on the trending topics. Track the keywords for top performing content.

Content marketing reaps your results really quick. So, do it right the first time. Take help from experts wherever necessary. It will always pay off with better results and ROI.


3. Email Marketing


Email marketing as digital marketing strategy can bring a good deal of leads if done right. It can fetch your business a good ROI figure too. This figure clocks around 125% according to a DMA survey. It can be used for increasing sales and conversion rates. These are some aspects that every business has an eye on. Guess what? Email marketing can give you all that as compared to any other marketing out there.

The best part is it is free! All you need to do is good research, list of potential customers and a great service through your business. You can integrate email marketing with other media too. Add referrals, social share icons, offers, landing pages’ links, products, campaigns and other things in your email.

For a great Email the following characteristics are very important.

-Catchy, quirky, engaging emails are capturing the attention in the market. 

-Keep your language simple and persuasive. 

-Make use of bullet points, sub-headings and structure the matter well.

-Emphasize on benefits and offers.

-Mobile optimized Emails.

For building brand awareness use a professional email signature. This will help you drive traffic and generate leads. That will definitely lead to increased sales.

Tools like Sendinblue are useful for creating, planning, designing, auto responding and sending some awesome emails. Don’t underestimate the power of your daily messages. Keep going!


 4. Social Media Marketing


Social Media as digital marketing strategy has caught the world by storm. All businesses have felt the need to be active on social media. Take a hold of it for better. 95% of marketers think that social media is important for businesses. 90% marketers indicated that social media bought a great level of exposure to their brands.

Social media marketing strategy is the most effective for startups. It benefits in;

-gives exposure

-quality traffic

-loyal customers

-high SERP ranking

-increases sales

But how do we achieve it? It all comes down to content, SEO, and quality of service. Some of the terms we have learnt above. By using marketing tools, you can create content, post it manually or schedule timer for content. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are a great deal to start with. But first, observe your audience base. Analyze where your customers are spending most of their time, which platform, what time of the day, week and which weekdays will bring grip. You do not have to be present on all platforms. Lastly, analyze your customers and choose your channels.

Get help from experts to build a buyer’s persona. This will help you strategize really well. Save yourself with energy, time and money. Of course, you would not want to spend them at the wrong place.


5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for digital marketing


It is the game of valid clicks. All you have to do is place advertisements for your business. Keeping the right time, right customer and right product in your mind. This also revolves around the keywords. You will not want to see an advertisement for a laptop, while you are searching for a dining table! How disappointing! And you will lose out on a potential customer if you also happen to sell dining tables. But wrong advertisements will cost you a potential buyer.

PPC is very powerful for generating sales and conversion rates. You have to bid and buy a keyword when you are planning on running PPC advertising campaigns. You can learn more about PPC campaigns in our blogs.

Benefits of running PPC campaigns;

-tremendous reach

-high ROI

-control over money to bid

-quick results

-plethora of data to analyze

To be honest, this is not as simple as it looks. You can exhaust your budget really quick if you do it wrong. The right keyword research plays an important part. 

Showing your ads at the right time of the day, thrice a week, 5 times a day, pulling yourself to this simple yet complicated conclusion is a big risk and a tough task. Better to take the help from experts, than betting on the wrong keyword and wrong time.

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3 July 2021

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