What is Email Marketing? How to launch Email Campaign?

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What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is used to promote your business with the help of commercial email messages and develop connections with potential customers or target audience or email subscribers. This is the most profitable direct marketing channel and so it must be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s like leaving money on the table if you have not started with email marketing. Don’t be late!




1. Promotional


Promotional mails promote special offers, a webinar, or a new product release. Email marketing campaigns consist of 5 to 10 emails which are sent to your potential client over a period of several days or weeks. These consist of a call-to-action, an action you want your customer to take; booking a slot, pre launch buy, visit a website.


2. Informational


Email being a channel holds the potential and necessity to deliver important messages in the form of information. Brands chose emails as the channel for sending crisis communications during pandemic.

Informational emails are like newsletters which share insights, tips, thoughts, and write one to one letters to your subscribers about things that interest them. These emails are also scheduled on the weekly or monthly basis.


Marketing Statistics by Industry


Email marketing statistics for e-commerce;

-Around 60% of company revenue is generated by segment emails

-Consumers who would like to receive promotional emails once per month from brands they have subscribed to are 85%


Email Marketing Statistics for B2C;

-Consumers unsubscribe from lists because too many emails from the brand and the percentage is about 80%

-Consumers who check their emails daily are 90%

-Email subscribers share 3 times more social content than others do


Email Marketing Statistics for Real Estate;

-Half of the subscribers in real estate domain come from emails

-The businesses that blog get 2X traffic through emails

-List segmentation is used by around 41% of real estate companies


Email Marketing Statistics for B2B;

-Emails that are triggered by an action perform 3X better than nurture emails or drip campaigns

-Email is a preferred communication channel for 85% of professionals

-It is believed by 60% marketers that email marketing produces a positive ROI 

-For B2B the click-through-rate (CTR) is 50% higher than B2C


How to launch Email Campaigns?


1. Email marketing plan


Define your potential customers


It is important to know your audience for effective communication. This builds trustful connection with your audience and improves ROI.


Segmenting your audience


Make smaller groups of people amongst the larger audience that you have selected. This will help you send more relevant and personalized messages to the clients. This improves the click through rate as the matter of your email is very segregated keeping the audience in mind.


Email frequency


Your audience will unsubscribe from the list if there are too many emails from you crowding their inbox. So, it is important to set a frequency depending upon your business. If you are a newsletter website then one email a day would be a good frequency.




When you know your target audience, you can easily come up with good, relevant, rich content to share with them that they hold interest in. This will make your audience base strong as your emails are purposeful speaking to your audience with quality content.


2. Email structure


Structure your emails in a very straightforward, simple, understandable manner. Keep the most important content at the top of the email as it is easy to scan through the matter and get an idea quickly. Code your own email templates to keep it authentic

You can use email builders like MailChimp, Pabbly Email Marketing or Constant Contact.


3. Email testing


Test your mails by sending them to your friends and coworkers to gain some feedback on the layout. Also, they can preview the email campaign directly from the inbox. These campaigns with varied structure may look different on different devices so you might want to give it a close look.


4. Automated emails


Automated emails could be a series of mails or a single target email. This could be a welcome email, follow up email, reward email for customers with special offers or incentives. As these mails could be automated, two things take place; you maintain a fluent connection with the customers, and you get enough time to focus on important things like creating quality content and improving ROI.


5. Email performance Measures


Quality traffic


When you send personalized, relevant emails to your target audience, there are high chances that you will receive quality traffic with more customers at your website. You can track this traffic with the help of mailchimp or others.


Click through rates


When your content is relevant and personalized, you are bound to receive more click through rates as compared to your competitors. So, keep an eye on your competitors too!


Ecommerce data


You can track your email campaign if you have connected the data to an ecommerce link tracker. This will help you look at the purchases made, subscribers’ profiles, account dashboard and campaign reports.


Benefits of Email Marketing


1. Drives sales


Sending an email marketing campaign to your subscribers when you are about to launch a sale or promoting a new product can drive major sales. You can also send them emails stating discounts, special offers or even products that are left unattended in the cart.


2. Loyalty gained by your customers


Email marketing drives customer loyalty by retention, lead generation, lead nurturing, promotions and offers. When we send them emails consisting of festive wishes, rewards, offers, information of their interest, it makes your customer feel valued and special.


3. Generates Brand awareness


As emails are one-on-one, you reach your customers directly in their inbox and that being the best way to create connection, it also creates brand awareness. Showing up in their mails makes sure that you are still on the top of their minds.


4. Scalability


Emails can be sent to a large number of customers at very low cost as compared to other channels of marketing.


5. One-to-one interaction


Email marketing also gives an upper hand as compared to other marketing channels. We land up straight in the inbox of a client with emails consisting of polls, surveys, reviews, feedback and that gives us an opportunity to have one-to-one interaction with them.

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18 June 2021

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